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Custom Retaining Walls Hobart

Retaining Wall Experts

Searching for a high quality, custom retaining wall hobart? No stunning landscape garden would be complete without some type of retaining wall, especially around hilly Hobart. This type of garden feature adds personality, depth and security to your garden environment. It's often a key to addressing erosion issues and maintaining the overall integrity of your garden landscape. While paths tie different elements of a garden together, leading you through and offering you easy access to all its beautiful features.


In approaching such garden features it's essential to have some knowledge of the materials involved. The soil and rocks around Hobart can vary depending on your location and topography. We commonly work with sedimentary deposits such as sandstone or silt which is juxtaposed by the hard realities of Tasmania's iconic dolerite. We take into account the characteristics of these substances in the specific design of your garden and all it's features to make sure your retaining walls are both structurally sound and beautiful to look at.

The value of a garden retaining wall

A good retaining wall can also appear as a stunning feature of your garden and done in the right way adds visual dimensions and depth to the landscape. Either as a beautiful backdrop to your entertaining area or as a means of breaking up the large spaces. They can also turn sloping ground into terraced areas which then becomes much more functional and in the end this adds both value and appeal to your garden landscape and your home in general.


We specialise in designing retaining walls and paths and integrating them into garden landscapes. Our landscape architects will work closely with you to ensure that all the details match up to your vision of the perfect garden. We look forward to helping turn your dreams into a reality that you can enjoy with your family for the years to come.   


The Importance Of Garden Paths

While walls and terraces are important features in a garden landscape, it's also vital to consider the elements which tie them all together and lead you through an outdoor area. We custom design and install all manner of garden paths. From quaint pebbles and paving to seamless cement and tiling we can ensure that your garden path is robust and well suited for the style of your garden. We'll make sure you've got access to the veggie patch, pond or pergola so you can keep your feet clean and dry.

If your thinking of installing a garden path and want some inspiration, give us a call to discuss your options and you can pick our brains for some landscape gardening wisdom. If your interested our design process or hunting for more ideas, then check out our blog!


We're confident that no matter how big or small your landscaping dreams are, we've got the skillset and the experience to turn them into a reality you'll be proud of.

So fill in the form for a No Obligation FREE QUOTE or give us a call today so we can start designing the perfect landscape for you, your family or your business.

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