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Pools Landscaping Hobart

Professional Pool Design and Landscaping

Looking for Pool Landscaping Hobart? It takes skill to blend a pool with the surrounding landscape. All too often we see the appearance of disjointed elements which create an ugly clash. When it's done poorly it's all too obvious, When it's done right you hardly notice it.. Apart from the fact that it looks beautiful. Our experienced team knows how to convert dead spaces into functional blended areas that compliment one other. And we know all the tricks to make sure your pool area is seamlessly woven into the surrounding garden. We can cover everything from soil and plants, to paving and tiles, even laying the foundations of drainage and irrigation if needed. So whether you've got a pool area that needs revitalising or your planning to put a new spa into the ground or under a pergola, we've got the experience and expertise to transform these key garden features into functional and eye catching living areas.

Lawn and pool landscaping design near hobart tasmania

Pond excavation and management 

If your looking to create a natural garden ecosystem, we can help design wetlands and pools to compliment your garden landscape. We will also address your gardens water management and surface design to ensure that your new environment receives optimal water flow and drainage to keeps it's lush new look, well into the future. Once we're done you landscaped project will be your pride and joy, ready to be enjoyed by the whole family for decades to come. We're more than happy to drop by once in a while to perform some regular gardening services to keep an eye on things and make sure your garden ecosystem maintains its equilibrium.

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So if you've got landscaping dream and need some professional wisdom to turn it into reality, we're more than happy to help. We can work together with your architect or pool specialists to ensure the design you ask for is precisely what you get.

We have a well established network of trade professionals and industry contacts we can call on to make sure you get the best quality goods and services. For more details about our design process, check out our Blog!

We're more than just roses and compost, so fill out the Quote form or simply give us a call for all your gardening and landscaping needs throughout Hobart and Southern Tasmania

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