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Professional and Affordable Lawn Services Hobart

Full spectrum Lawn Service

We all know garden don't look after themselves, so we offer the compete range of lawn services in Hobart and throughout Southern Tasmania. Perhaps your garden lawn has got away from you and is in need of a blitz.. Or you're looking for someone to drop by regularly to keep your lawns neat and tidy. At pro landscaping Hobart, we've got the time, tools and knowhow to keep your grass in check, or if need be, to overhaul the whole lot and start from scratch. 

We will always consult closely with you to determine how you want your garden lawns to be and of course we're more than happy to offer your our tips and tricks for keeping your garden flourishing. Over the years we're accumulated a wide array of gardening wisdom which were able to apply to your home and its surrounding landscapes. So what ever you have in mind, we're your Professional gardening services in Hobart.


Lawn maintenance and installation

A garden lawn is one of the most important elements to a truly integrated home landscape. It's the open area for the kids to play, for picnics and parties and as the spacial design element that gives your garden space and that luscious look and feel.


The teams at Pro Landscaping Hobart are specialists in lawn services and installation. We can both supply and lay new turf for your lawns and have your garden landscape looking vibrant in no time. Our landscape architects can also share some tips on how to best maintain your new grass, once it's installed.

Perhaps you've given up on your daggy old lawn and are sick of wasting water trying to bring it back to life. We're experts at rejuvenating tired old lawns and can often work wonders by adjusting your drainage and irrigation systems. However sometimes a lawn is beyond redemption and needs to be started again from scratch and if that's the case we can take care of the installation of new grass to give your garden that fresh new look.


Cutting Edge Lawn Mowing in Hobart

Without regular lawn mowing and lawn maintenance A garden can quickly become pretty wild. Especially in Tasmania, it's necessary to take good care of your garden lawn to ensure that it survives the elements and seasonal changes in weather.

Our premier lawn mowing service is an integral part of smart lawn care and maintenance. We'll drop by regularly to make sure the the length and density of your garden lawns is maintained. We'll mow your lawns perfectly and keep en eye out for weeds that are trying to take root in your grass and remove them, making sure your turf is kept clean and green from end to end! (read more about Our garden maintenance service here!)

Hobart Best Lawn Mowing and Maintenance 

So what ever lawn services your looking for, whether it's general sprucing to keep things looking fresh, a good old backyard blitz to start things from scratch or regular gardening services such as lawn mowing maintenance to tie all the elements together.. the team of green thumbs at pro landscaping Hobart are always ready to pick up the rake and lawn mower and head over to your place to get their hands dirty, so you don't have to. Give us a call today to organise your Lawn services in Hobart today.

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