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Professional Landscape Design Hobart

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Affordable Landscape Design and Installation

We offer an integrative landscape design and installation process that brings you into the picture and makes sure you end up with the garden of your dreams. Our landscape designers employ tried and true principles of landscape architecture to create a custom design to suit your specific needs. We will work with you closely to make sure that each feature and element of your gardens design is approved by you.


Our gardening landscapers will then set to work to bring that vision into reality. They will follow the plans closely and work to integrate their creativity and imagination and apply it to your garden landscape. We always aim to deliver the best results for affordable prices. While we never aim to cut corners, we do seek to create cost effective solutions for your garden.

We believe that a good garden shouldn't cost and arm and a leg, so we use our network of local Tasmanian contacts to get the job done in the most time efficient and cost effective manner, so you can enjoy the benefits of a vibrant garden space in no time.


Flexible Landscape Design Process

While we always try to account for everything in our landscape design and planning stage, experience has taught us that things don't always go according to plan. Sometimes the elements of nature work to interfere or we discover features and materials that simply weren't accounted for in the planning stage.


We always create working solutions that keep the design in the spirit of your vision while working with the resources given to us by mother nature. We keep you looped into the process to make sure your entirely happy with our workaround and ensure that the final product is everything you hoped it would be and more!


Landscape Design For Backyards and Front Yards

A well-designed yard highlights the beautiful features of a home, therefore our team always puts extra effort to create specific landscaping designs for the front and backyards. The more attention to detail is applied to the planning and design stages, the more eye catching the end result will be.


We will endeavour to create an eye catching and tidy front yard that adds street appeal to your property. This is a big factor when considering the market value of your home and can work wonders when approaching a sale. 

The back yard on the other hand needs to be functional, inviting and secure, particularly if you have kids or own pets. We always take the view that our landscape designs must be low maintenance and seek to compliment the home’s exterior without breaking the bank. 

The landscaping and gardening of the front yards and backyards revolve around many aspects, such as:

  • Landscaping flowers/flower beds

  • Landscaping fences/gates

  • Landscaping lights (for dining/security)

  • Landscaping pebbles, paths, patios

  • Landscaping garages/sheds

  • Landscaping bushes, trees, hedges 

  • Landscaping cement borders, edges and much more..

Tasmanian Landscape Design Experts

We all know Tasmanias flora and fauna are unique. So when we design a garden landscape we aim to be mindful of the surrounding eco system as well as its inhabitants. We aim to integrate our designs and features in a smart way to make sure it's sustainable and eco friendly. We'll offer you our knowledge and tips for keeping your new landscape design in perfect condition and we're more than happy to stop by once in a while to take care of the garden maintenance for you (Read more about that here!) 

So if you're searching for Professional Landscape design in Hobart or Southern Tasmania, simply give us a call to discuss your next project. Pick our brains for some local landscaping wisdom and we can arrange an inspection of your property followed by the garden design process. We guarantee to bring your gardening dreams to life!  

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