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Garden Paving Hobart

There is more to garden paving than you think..

Stunning landscaping requires more than just the correct mixture of plant, flowers and soil. The perfect garden landscaping design also needs the right combination of hardscapes, especially when there's a pool or patio to work with. It's more than just throwing a bunch of ingredients together and hoping it looks good. The right choices can literally make or break a project. Our landscaping architects will go through colour combinations, complimentary plant types, drainage solutions, customised options for paving or tiling around key features such as swimming pools and ponds to create a truly integrated design that ticks every box.


But we're landscaping experts so leave to us..


Many home owners have some kind of paving or patio area and many include outdoor tiling. Often people forget that these areas also require maintenance, although not as regularly as growing parts of the garden, over time these features can suffer erosion, wear and tear, cracks and accumulation of dirt of fungi. Not only do worn out areas look ugly, but they can also represent a hazard. Sharp edges can damage vehicles or be dangerous for children. Our team is specialised in rejuvenating tired surfaces and making them come alive again. We've got the perfect tools for the job to scrub up your patio or tiles, when needed we can replace sections or redo the entire area to make sure your outdoor living spaces are both safe, clean and easy on the eyes.

Professional paving, paths and patio advice

We're seasoned veterans at all things garden landscaping. Our landscaping team have a wealth of experience and this alone can inform your project and save you tonnes of research, money and time. We've successfully completed hundred of paving, patio and tiling related landscaping design and installations, so pick our brains for ideas and we can help you implement the perfect solution for your home. Check out our Blog for more insider advice on planning a stunning landscaping project! 

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