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Drainage and Irrigation Services Hobart

The importance of garden drainage

Landscaping gardening involves much more than just trimming roses and turning compost. We take a broad view and seek to improve the functioning of your entire garden ecosystem. This means a smart approach to the fundamental issues highlighted by the water table, sun exposure, plant density, surface flow and drainage to ensure that your garden habitat is environmentally sustainable and suits all the needs of your activities. We approach it from the ground up and make sure that all the issues associated with your gardens drainage and irrigation are thought of and planned for.


The foundation of garden irrigation


Many homeowners neglect the issues surrounding yard drainage during the building process and discover down the track that they've inadvertently created some issues that start to wreak havoc with their garden landscape. Sometimes large swathes of lawn start to dry up or crack apart.. Sometimes you can patch it up with a sprinkler, but in the long run your literally throwing money down the drain and unless you address the underlying issue, your garden will never be functioning perfectly and certainly wont look after itself. Good garden irrigation requires thoughtful planning and integrative design to apply tried and true principles that will see your home landscape functioning sustainably now and well into the future. 

We'll get your gardens drainage working just right..

Since Tasmania's climate is so variable and often times unpredictable, our garden landscapes can face all manner of conditions. Some months may see the yard parched and dry while other seasons may see your garden flooded at different times of the year. If you want a vibrant and sustainable garden landscape, you need to address your drainage solutions as soon as possible. Our professional landscape gardening team can install various drainage systems to improve runoff and ensure that the water table of your garden is functioning as it should. This is particularly important where features such as pools and ponds are present (read more about that here).


Once we've addressed the drainage issues, were ready to take a closer look at your gardens irrigation system. From new installations to maintaining existing setups, our experienced landscaping contractors in Hobart can quickly test, diagnose and repair your watering system. Or we can set you up with a perfectly designed brand new irrigation systems to keep your garden hydrated for the decades to come.

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We can integrate the ideal water management solutions for your garden landscape in Hobart.


We’ve got tonnes of experience to draw upon and we know the desired conditions needed for different plant types. So we can customise your gardens watering system and ensure its vibrancy, longevity and ecological sustainability.

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