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Practical Landscaping Solutions for Common Landscape Challenges

Designing a perfect landscape is no less than a challenge, and the quest for a well-designed yard starts with a problem on the site. Problem areas are present in every location, so each one requires a unique approach to handling and managing.

If you are overwhelmed by the landscaping dilemmas, keep reading practices and expert's recommended landscaping solutions to inspire your imagination.

9 Expert Landscaping Solutions for Every Location:

Rocky Land

Rocks shouldn't be the hurdle in your dream landscaping design. Other than a challenging part, they also influence the cost of construction. Rocky soils also make it difficult for plant roots to absorb nutrients from the ground.

Professional landscapers will assess and determine the best practice to make the area rock-free. Professionals use machinery to crush down rocks in most problematic areas, then removing the topsoil for further refinement. After surface management, ground grading is another challenge in rocky soils because grading ensures proper drainage. If the soil is loaded with heavy rocks, then you need a contractor and grading machinery.

The rock dominated region can be in your favour rather than you fighting with it. You can use the terrain's rockiness to your advantage by building a rock-garden design on flat-land. Moreover, growing drought-tolerant plants will save a lot of time and energy.

Hilly or Eroding

Hillside scenes offer a great view, create great vistas, and highlight the property's architecture. However, erosion is a potential challenge to overcome in hilly areas for perfect landscaping design. The fear of erosion always occupies the mind.

The landscaping solution providers encourage you to create a cohesive design with several tiers. i.e., stone pavers. Creating a stone staircase is a great idea that will also complement your property.

Another expert solution is importing rocks to eroding land and build a rocky garden. It will save rich topsoil and it will also cut down on erosion.

Too Sunny

When a landscape is fully exposed to the sun, then the cumulative heat can be a real challenge. The most robust plants wilt under the scorching heat, and the grass bed loses its freshness and beauty.

To prevent the problems by hot summer, you can use quick shading methods instead of custom structure that may take months to complete. Shade sails are effective solutions to protect your well-maintained landscape. Consult your landscaper to assess which plants require shade and which sail design will complement the original landscape design.

An alternative method is planting xeriscape to traditional landscaping designs. These plants are excellent in heat and drought tolerance. Moreover, these plants are maintenance-friendly thus save your time and money.

Drainage Problems

Proper drainage is important for a successful landscaping venture. So, if your property doesn't have enough pitch to route the water away from your property, then your landscaping design is not a success. The improper drainage could flood one area with water, leaving the other parts of the land dry. So, it would be best if you had a practical plan for drainage solutions.

If you are about to initiate a landscaping project for your property, then the best practice is taking professional help from landscapers. He will calculate the proper slope and water for efficient water movement.

There are many methods to avoid marshy land, such as setting up creek beds that allow stormwater to be moved on the surface. These can also be the source of aesthetic value. You can also install a paved surface in addition to grading the ground for effective water management.

Too Shady

Shady areas are common problems for homeowners because they cause improper plant growth, flowers don't bloom, and grasses don't thrive under shade.

The simple, pocket-friendly solution is growing shade-loving plants such as shrubs and turn the common area into your favorite spot. You can try hardscape features such as building a swimming pool and installing elevated plantings, large pieces of flagstones, large urns to create multi-leveled space.

So, don't fight over shady places and be creative in designing your landscape with a professional's help.

Lack of Privacy

Privacy is essential when you want to enjoy family time in your aesthetic yard without noticing neighbours. Even good neighbours don't feel freedom when a neighbour is acknowledging them. It doesn't mean hiding something, but who wants to be under constant inspection?

Professional landscapers suggest installing screening to overcome this landscaping problem. The affordable option is growing trees or shrubs that offer privacy and look complementary to the house.

Fencing your landscaping area is another option to maintain privacy, but it can be expensive. Moreover, fencing doesn't add aesthetic value to your property, and it can negatively affect your yard's beauty.

Talking about the middle options, you can use green fencing after discussing it with your contractor. Lattice privacy screens and vines can be implanted for budget effectiveness as well as beautification purposes.

Pest Infestation

Seeing a pest in the garden is a sign of destruction and the waste of effort you put at every landscaping step. You cannot see pests every time, but your garden has a language to speak to you. Soil condition, foliage, flower, or fruits has something to tell you if you know her language. They show visible signs of pests infestation to alarm you for future consequences.

There is a landscaping solution designed to prevent as well as recover your well-crafted aesthetic property. The most common method for controlling foes is using microbial sprays or poisons on foliage, plants, etc. These sprays are not suitable for everyone, especially using them in the yard where kids play around. So, environment-friendly options are available such as organic sprays.

If pests are not damaging to your garden, you can also get help from pest eating animals. Groundhogs, rabbits, deer, and voles are common helpful resources to protect your well-managed landscape area.

So, you have many options to select a viable idea for pest control. Discuss your budget and any health reservations for not using poisons. He will present an effective strategy.


Weeds are uninvited companions in your landscape area and stay there unless you uproot them. The troublesome invaders deprive desired plants and flowers of nutrients as well as take up their space.

Don't let your landscape flooded with resistant weeds this season. Keep weeds out of your lawn by applying weed control management.

Apply the techniques of raising the mower blade and pulling out leftover weeds in the lawn. Regular mowing reduces the chances of weed's sprouting.

Use herbicides for effective weed control and find the right product because every herbicide is suitable for specific weeds.

Another unsung hero of the landscape is mulching. Mulch is highly portable and malleable, and you can see transformation overnight for areas under shade.

Too High Maintenance

If your aesthetically designed property is only covered by softscape, then its maintenance requirement will rise. Not only maintenance but also time, resources, and more energy is required.

To avoid the trouble of everyday maintenance, install hardscapes on your ground. Once installed, they don't need watering or weeding. Hardscapes are expensive at first to set up, but they stand the test of time and provide comfort to the landowner.

Your Turn?

There is hard work involved to set up your dreamland where you can live your precious moments under the exquisite flower's fragrance and serendipity. But, in the end, it's worth the experience.

Tell us which other challenges you faced and what approach was most helpful?

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