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As Hobarts premier landscaping company, We are proud to offer professional expertise, advice and services for all your landscaping needs. We supply the full spectrum of soft and hard landscaping services, ranging from retaining walls, paving, lawns and pergolas, to  lawn maintenance and hedge sculpting. We can turn your ideas and visions into reality and will be happy to work alongside you in creating the perfect garden features. We have tonnes of experience and will be happy to offer our own unique and creative ideas as suggestions to help you create your dream garden. Our landscaping architects will work tirelessly to ensure that the end result is both unique and inspiring.

A wealth of local landscaping experience..

From family back yard blitzes to large scale commercial projects we've got the skillset, manpower and experience to pull of any landscaping project. With a flair for creativity, we draw on our local knowledge of flora and fauna to ensure that all of our project blend seamlessly into the native natural environment. We maintain that a good garden should take care of itself, at least partially.. so you don’t have to break your back trying to keep it under control. We also bring a large network of local connections throughout the gardening and trade industries to ensure that your project is completed on time and for the right price. None of our jobs are complete, until you are 100% satisfied and we'll bend over backwards to make sure you fall in love with the end result.

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Professional Landscaping Services

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concrete tile pathway landscape design in hobart tasmania

We're more than just gardeners. Our team of qualified professionals can take on hard landscaping projects such as retaining walls and terraces. Making us your go-to guys for all your garden landscaping services. Working this way we can seamlessly design and integrate all manner of garden features and design spaces to perfectly suits your needs. More Info here.

While we're more than capable of taking on all your gardening and  landscaping services in Hobart. We've got very green thumbs so whether it old fashioned lawn mowing, hedge sculpting or back yard blitzing we’ll have it done in a jiffy. We also tackle tree trimming and stump removal, don’t worry, we're not afraid of heights. Read more about all that here.

Creating stunning outdoor spaces is our specialty. Whether it's the driveway leading into your home or the pool and features out the back. We pride ourselves in the knowledge of creating breath taking outdoor spaces. We can go rustic and natural or work with high quality materials such as pebbles or stone for a fancy finish. Check out what we can do.

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Why Choose Us?

Our wealth of industry experience has allowed us to develop a very broad range of landscaping skills and services. Over the years we've become a One Stop Shop that blends a variety of landscaping related trades. This allows us to offer all the Tasmanian landscaping services you require.We blend our soft landscaping services such as hedging, lawn work and garden blitzes with earthworks and construction such as fencing, decking, paving, pool tiling, pergolas, rendering, concreting, balustrades and car ports. Like this we're able to save you both time and money as well as the headaches of dealing with multiple tradies throughout different companies.


Our passion for all manner of Tasmanian garden projects has developed us into a multi-talented landscaping design team who can act as architects working closely with you to help develop your ideas and visions into reality. We take pride and satisfaction of helping to bring to life your landscaping vision. A result of our decades of landscaping experience allows us to offer creative suggestions that can turn your ideas into tangible goals. We truly get a kick out of seeing your reactions to the finished product. We always go for the wow factor when possible, so your hard earned pennies are spent creating a breathtaking outdoor living space that your neighbours and friends will be envious of.


Searching for the right landscaper in Hobart to trust with your dream home can be a daunting task.. We know, there's plenty of Muppets out there, so putting your faith in someone can require a little trust. Whether your worried about the finances or how your landscaping will compliment the features of your home, we're more than happy to discuss all your concerns in advance.


Sometimes it's hard to put all your idea into a bigger picture that takes into account all of the steps required to go from start to finish. Landscape and design is what we live for, so give us a call and we can chat about your ideas and how to turn them into reality. We'll give you a no obligation free quote over the phone and we can start to work together from that. Whether you'd like to make some moves today or keep it on the shelf for a rainy day, Our professional landscaping Hobart team is always ready to pick up the shovels and head out to your turf.

We do..

Landscape design consultation

Conceptual landscape design and architecture

Residential landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

Decking, patios, pergolas

Tiles, paving and concrete

Lawns, hedging and mulching

Paths, steps and driveways

Garden beds, veggie gardens, green houses and compost.

Plant a box, trellis and netting

Tree planting, trimming and removal.

Weed management or removal 

Site clear, clean and preparation for landscaping.

Site Levelling and excavation

Concrete excavation and removal

Pavers excavation and removal

Rock excavation and removal

Rubbish excavation and removal

Tree stump excavation and removal

Vegetation removal

Drainage services

Storm water drain excavation

mini digger landscaping services

Soil removal and levelling services

Lawn preparation and maintenance

Block clearing landscaping 

Fire hazard management

Pool design, excavation and maintenence

Spa excavation, design and maintenance

Bulk excavations and earthworks 

Driveways design and landscaping

Carport landscaping design

Material supply, removal and disposal

Bobcat, backhoe, trucks and diggers Landscaping architecture services.

Environmental planning and design

Playgrounds and much more..

The Right Price


We always do our homework..

Tasmania has experienced steady growth in housing and development in recent years. This has propagated the emergence of landscaping and gardening companies in Hobart, just like mushrooms after the rains. We're stoked to see the industry booming, but it doesn't mean we turn a blind eye. We keep close eyes on our competitors to ensure that we're offering you the best landscaping services to fit within your budget. We do our very best to look after our customers and offer them the highest quality landscaping services for affordable prices. We always aim to exceed expectations and leave a truly lasting impression on your dream home. This is the backbone of our reputation and why we've emerged as Hobarts, premier landscaping company. When it comes to quality, convenience and end results, we've proven time and time again, we're the best in the business.

Before undertaking any landscaping or construction project in Hobart we conduct a full inspection of the property, both above the surface and underneath it. It’s vital to identify the location of any services below the ground, such as plumbing or electrics before commencing any work. Soil types can range from soft sands through to hard clay and rocks depending on the topography. Often heavy duty landscaping machinery is required to get the job done. These can include jackhammer, bobcat, mini-excavators or even full size excavators depending on your garden vision. We have the right machines and the trained operators to tackle almost any type of earthmoving project on the residential and industrial level.

excavator and mini-digger clearing garden for landscaping

Landscaping Industry Professionals 

There are many factors that need to come together to make sure your landscaping dream comes together and stays that way for the years to come. You need the right materials for a start. This alone can make or break a project. Selecting the right components for paths, walkways and steps will make sure they no not crack and fade over the years. The choice between wood, tiles or concrete decking can greatly affect the longevity of your entertainment area. There is also a multitude of choices to make when it comes to mulching, planting and fertilising your garden bed. Our landscaping wizards in Hobart can help you make the wise choices to optimise growth and longevity to keep your garden looking vibrant for the years to come. If you love to get involved as well, we can share our secrets to develop your own gardening acumen and point you in the direction of some valuable resources. We also offer regular garden maintenance and sprucing.. So if you want one of our professionals to drop by once in a while to keep your garden looking its finest, we can keep the lawns in check, trim the hedges, pressure clean your tiles or driveway or even resurface your decking.


We're veterans in the landscaping industry and like most professionals, we understand the risks involved with landscaping, earthworks, excavation and construction. That's why were fully backed by comprehensive insurance and all our workers are well trained and certified in their crafts. We respect our clients homes as if they were our own and we always leave our jobs cleaner than when we arrived. We always seek to offer the highest level of landscaping service and the job is never 'done' until your completely satisfied and your expectations have been exceeded. We look forward to discussing your next landscaping project over the phone and are more than happy to supply you with free quote. Please use our contact form for that and if you'd like to speed up the process, simply give us a call anytime. 

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